Living the best day ever reviews

  1. A certainly worthwhile brilliantly written read, time it well to go onto the more solemn and graphic sections though. You won’t be disappointed by its buttock-clenching and the humanism behind Coetzee’s rendition and his expedition. The autobiography, once published, is a eulogy, a homage to the life of an incredible adventurer who loved his continent, a man who loved the freedom paddling gave him, a man who lived for each day and celebrated his existence hard, a man who pursued and lived his dreams.   Nico Harding for Sportscene magazine
  2. It is truly the most magical, beautiful book I have ever read. Heather
  3. We were blown away by the power of this book. The writing excelled beyond anything we could imagine. Kristy
  4. Living the Best Day Ever is simply the best book I have ever read. Henri writes with a total honesty that is at odds with the face that people generally “put on.”  This brings a depth and significance to his book that is unique and deeply thought provoking.  I challenge you to read, no absorb this wonderful book.  I believe it has Divine purpose. Dave
  5. We are going to incorporate the Living the Best Day Ever into our curriculum as the story is a very powerful one for our students. Capo at World Class Academy (Whitewater kayakers)
  6. Never before, have I been challenged to re-examine the concept of “quality of life” than we reading Hendri Coetzee’s book, Living the Best Day Ever. Steve Hynd, editor of the African Edition of ehospice
  7. Reading Living the Best Day Ever may cause major frustration with your current life style and lead to excessive daydreaming causing loss of productivity, in severe case abrupt absenteeism from work. Not to be used with alcohol as this may enhance the effects of getting the $%#@ out of town and rafting a rapid. Gideon
  8. I have bought and given away numerous copies of Living the Best Day Ever as it has had a profound effect and influence on me. Literally everyone with an ounce of soul should read this book. Dave
  9. As it stands I think word will spread about this book, and he will come to touch many, many people’s lives in a very good way. It is hard to read this book and not be moved to make more of your life. It is a reminder that we are ultimately on this earthly journey to find our way to God, and that in the end this is the only exploration that matters. This is probably the most remarkable book I have ever read! Ob
  10. It is one of the best books I have ever read. I will read it many more times. Some parts I have already read several times. Annica