Dave Cilliers

“Living the Best Day Ever” is simply the best book I have ever read.  Most, if not all men, are born with a God given sense of adventure.  Very few, like Henri, have the courage to actually follow their dreams.  What man that has encountered Zambesi river guides has not been filled with envy?  Young, fit, toned and oozing health, they are inevitably surrounded by admirers of the pretty female kind, all clamouring for their attention.


Handsome, carefree and single, Henri combines all the talents of your typical guide with a rare insightfulness and a particularly sharp intellect.  As he shares his thoughts on himself, people he meets, and Africa, the continent he loves so deeply, he expounds on his philosophy of “living the best day ever.”  Henri writes with a total honesty that is at odds with the face that people generally “put on.”  This brings a depth and significance to his book that is unique and deeply thought provoking.


A natural born “warrior”, Henri in many ways fulfils his destiny.  Living the best day ever on the edge has him pondering life and death and the deeper meaning of it all.  I cannot picture him wasting away in old age, a courageous free spirit, trapped in the tomb of a failing body.  God, in his infinite wisdom, allowed him to live and die a warrior.  I challenge you to read, no absorb this wonderful book.  I believe it has Divine purpose.