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Project 1: CSIR Tennis Development Programme

The Hendri Coetzee Trust is proud to be able to sponsor and be associated with this Tennis Development programme in South Africa. We aimed to support something that would enhance and improve the quality of life of preferably young people. To give them something to dream about, enjoy and prepare them for their future lives.

We have committed to a sponsorship of R106 000 ($7 520) over 3 years and are already into the second year. This past year over 120 children were exposed to the game of tennis with an average of 60 to 70 players training every Saturday

We have decided to sponsor this as it provides less privileged kids the opportunity to learn not only the wonderful skill of tennis, but also many other important human skills. Tennis is about discipline, commitment, perseverance, winning and losing, social interaction, ethics and values such as respect for your opponent and your sport, to name but a few major spin offs to gain from this growing up as a person.

Hermi Day is a professional tennis coach in Pretoria, South Africa, and has dedicated already 21 plus years to this programme that she started. To this day she gives her time and expertise freely to improve the lives of so many children who came from disadvantaged back grounds. Over the years the programme has produced several tennis coaches who now make a career and living from it thanks to the opportunity they were offered to better themselves. Other children have reached provincial tennis levels, played trials and competitions or have joined tennis clubs already where they play league and social tennis. There are several individual stars that have subsequently come through on the tennis scene in South Africa.

The income of the Trust is derived from the sales of Hendri’s book, Living the Best Day Ever

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Project 2: Uganda Freestyle kayak team – World Championships 2017

The Hendri Coetzee Trust (HCT) is sponsoring an athlete of the Uganda Freestyle Kayak Team for the coming 2017 ICF (International Canoe Federation) Freestyle Kayak World Championship which is being held in San Juan, Argentina.

The current athlete names: Amina Tayona, David Egesa, Sadat Kawawa, and Yusuf Basalirwa, but the final squad is still to be finalised depending on if enough money can be raised to send them all. The competition is being held on a river feature called a ‘hole’. Competitors will perform various tricks within a time limit in order to score points. The tricks require tremendous boat control, athleticism, practice, and body awareness. They have been practicing hard even though they all work on the river full-time.

Sadat is currently a safety kayaker in Iceland for Viking Rafting. Yusuf is a video boater for NRE and an instructor for Kayak the Nile. David Egesa is the head guide for Kayak the Nile and Amina is a safety kayaker for Nalubale Rafting in Uganda.

The event is from November 28 to December 2 and consists of preliminary heats and then progressively smaller rounds until the final paddlers compete for the championship.

In 2015 the Championship was held on the Ottawa River in Canada. After difficulties getting their travel visas to enter Canada they were allowed to enter the country and they quickly became crowd favourites. Amina, Sadat, David, and Yusuf hope to improve upon their results from 2015.

The HCT is very excited to be part of this initiative as we know Hendri felt passionate about helping to develop people to reach their dreams.