Marie, your son's talent overwhelms me. He has put into words the way I feel
about my time in Swaziland - articulated the emotions that flood me. It's so
hard to explain to someone who has not shared these experiences, so to read
Hendri's book touches me in a way nothing else does.

I copied part of the introduction and sent it to friends. A couple of other
volunteers who have not yet responded, a Swazi national who commented on the
high artistic quality and said it touched her deeply. Sent it to a friend
who worked in the State Department and served in Africa. He said it brought
tears to his eyes and that he would read it to his church group when he
finds an appropriate time.

I am reading his book slowly, slowly. I get just so far and he zings me with
something that requires a lot of thought and integration as well as a few
quotes on the refrigerator. One of those quotes is:

"I agree with the Buddhist saying, 'There are as many paths as there are
monks. When we choose our path in life we choose that as a path to God.' The
answers are all around us or nowhere at all."