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Living the Best Day Ever by Hendri Coetzee

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Living The Best Day Ever

Description: This is the story of Hendri, a world-renown expedition kayaker who logged some of the most audacious first descents around the world- most famously in the heart of the African continent, where he tackles never before run, hippo-filled, remote rivers of class 5+ waters.  Do not be fooled, Hendri was not just another adrenaline junkie.  He was drawn to the possibilities and the potential of the human body and spirit.  He found direction and strength to carry on in his regular life from these incredibly trying expeditions.  He found solace from his own pain and longing.  Eventually he centered his life’s philosophy around what he learned from being on expedition. The book is centered around leadership, perseverance, and self-reflection, and is a total page turner, even if you’re not a paddler.

Outward Bound Expedition: This book is relevant to any Outward Bound expedition, but specially could be read before going on a Pathfinder or Intercept course.  The book contains slightly mature content and is recommended for individuals over the age of 16.

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