Geoff Richards (USA)

I first met Hendri in West Virginia running the New and the Gualey River and we hit it off pretty good. When Hendri knew me I had dread locks. He said I should cut that nasty hair. I learned a lot about SA and his politics. We actually were fairly different people. I liked him anyway.

Maybe 1998?? He eventually stayed with me for the rest of the river season.  At the time we were living in a tree house.  It was a rather large tree house with a sofa, bed, and some dressers for clothes.  I know it sounds strange but it was nice.  One evening he mentioned that he wanted to see Washington DC and I said that I was born there….  He may still have some pictures of us at the capital….

Oh yeah, he never really killed a kudu?? With a knife right?  Another long running joke.  He would talk about hardships of survival in the bush.  One would have to eat cold Kudo. Track it and kill it with your bear hands yatta yatta yatta…  Kudo are really fast deer like animals I think.  I don’t know? it was a really funny thing to talk about at the time.

.. I would love to hear more about his adventures that I missed out on. Just thinking about it I am remembering many pleasant memories I had forgotten.  I miss him though and I wish we had our time again.