Anonymous from Norway

You have the spirit off an adventurer of old, with the desire to go where no one has gone before, see and do things no one else has. Never one to back down from a challenge you set goals for yourself that were virtually impossible, yet somehow you pulled them off. You are tougher than anyone I know. A legend, explore, a hero.

Yet there was another side to you. You questioned and searched not only the outer world, but the inner as well. You were constantly in motion, not only physically but mentally too, searching for harmony in your soul. Many long conversations I had with you on books, life, ideas, what direction to take, how to find peace, how to deal with conflicting desires. Your thoughts and words are beautiful and though provoking.

Your smile I am going to miss your smile. You did not just smile with your mouth. It began there and then spread to your eyes, a light shining, sparkling through infecting all with your happiness. The delight you took in life was evident to everyone. You truly lived as if every day was the best day ever. Thank you for being my friend!