Lynda Hallamish (Israel) She sadly passed away since

He lived, loved, played, learned experienced, touched, with that 200% intensity and drive and warmth that engulfed you and everyone that ever crossed his path. He was like a favorite sweater, my happy place….my best friend.

God blessed him with His light, encompassed within this was the essence of Hendri – peace, happiness, joy, grace, love, mercy, kindness and a love of kindness [implying that it is not simply enough for us to be kind, but we must love kindness. If we love to be kind, then being kind will never be a chore, righteousness, compassion and life everlasting.

I’d like to share something with you I wrote him many years ago….

My gypsy-hearted friend
A question asked in the dark of night
Murmurs that won’t subsided in the presence of light
A future of brightness fulfillment unsurpassed
Driven beyond self-imposed bareness

Aware of change to a persona, I carried as a shield
I dedicate this to you, my torch of new life
Your brightness surpassing my circular search
For a selfish shot at alienated solidarity

You’ve made me realize that my poignant individualism
Has become futile in contrast to the soul reaching depths
That my association with your positiveness and realistically
Inspired level of dedication had brought me

I thought that the world as I saw it was illuminated
In the light of supposed clarity
A light I now realize was superficial,
Because I only saw it through my own eyes
Your eyes and insight have enhanced my view in a manner
Which I never imagined possible

I never imagined that I would be here feeling the way that I do now…

Inspiration returned in the sweetest way
So sweet I can nearly taste it in my mind
I can feel the rejuvenation

Thank you for bringing me back,
For putting me in touch with that which I thought I had lost
And was incapable of

You always blow my mind in the most amazing ways and I will
Forever love you for that…..