Jim Cummings (Norway)

I’m just writing to say that Hendri was point blank a legend, he had friends all over the world, and was renowned for his brave and heroic attitude, always on the quest for adventure. I would never have told him myself, but he was the toughest person I ever have met. We amongst many had an unwritten rule book that we would often quote.  He was quite a macho character and we would often joke, when on a mission “never admit weakness”. We shared a lot of good times on rivers, and indeed off the river had a lot in common.

We also spent the winter together in Hemsedal where Hendri learnt to ski .This was a frightening yet spectacular experience, what he may have lacked in grace he made up with courage, and I like that. The thing I always loved the most about him was the fact that I always had a partner to go off and try something new. Often my ideas were seen as hedonistic or irresponsible by others, but Hendri would never say no.  We had a similar outlook on risk taking and adventure, and one that is rarely found these days. In many ways when we hung out we were like brothers, as we often found energy in each other. When we questioned whether a move could be done, we would laugh and say “there’s only one way to find out”. Then when the shit hit the fan, which it often did “nobody panic” was a catch phrase that Hendri would coin as the chaos unfolded.

Hendri often joked his life would be allot  easier if he had been put on the earth to do something different, like play guitar for example, but he wasn’t. He was there to explore and conquer, and that’s what he did!

Hendri had a prolific effect on many people all over the world and his footsteps will be hard followed, he had a gift that few possess. The gift of a brave sole and a free heart. That gift has inspired people to change their lives all over the world and now will be remembered for ever. Hendri was truly special, and truly unique, and because of this touched all he met.

We often joked it’s better to leave in a blaze of glory, then to fade away….

Hendri was never going to leave us in his sleep, he was going to do what he loved, what he was, right up until the end, and in the words of Hendri himself make sure he was having “the best day ever”!

Hendri was a legend in his own lifetime, but now, he is Legend!……..