Daniel Rea-Dickens (UK)

I freelanced for Hendri on his tubing business in Uganda after going on my “gap year” after school in the UK… He was an awesome boss to have, flexible, honest and understanding. ..He became a friend and someone I would go to for advice about Uganda and kayaking, but he was always a bit mysterious. I think this is something he liked to portray as I would always try and dig in and find out about the stories he would have about his amazing trips, but he was always very modest and self-reflective…. I would say Hendri shaped me as a person massively… Also he made me think that I can follow my dreams and that is what I am trying to do now. My only wish is that I could have continued our friendship, because he was a great mentor for me….and I would say it is one of my greatest pleasures so far to have known someone like him…

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