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Heather Kidd

I just wanted to write and let you know that on Friday we received our copy of Living the Best Day Ever and I’ve read it cover to cover, just finishing it now. I needed to tell you how overwhelmingly moved I was in reading your beautiful son’s words. It is truly the most magical,
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just finished reading it and am happy i bought it.  read parts aloud to my husband who says he plans to delve into it himself.  i already knew he was a decent writer from sampling his blog postings but his depth of character and ability to express so much about his inner life with uncompromising
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Elmarie Marais

As I read his thoughts and the words he chose to tell his story, I varied between fascination and frustration. I love his mind – it’s incredible appreciation of life, poetry and nature. He has a very tender side to him that he exposes throughout. I got frustrated with his way of life. How his
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Peter and Kristy Sturges

I wanted to tell you how profoundly moved I was by Hendri’s book “The Best Day Ever”. It is an excellent book and one that I feel would appeal to a wide audience and not just river runners. I think Hendri would be happy to know that his words have been a source of inspiration
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… I just wanted to thank you for sharing Hendri’s book with me, I literally just finished it. Tears streaming down my face whist reading his mother prayer! My god that got me! I can’t wait to pass the book on, it was so inspiring. I can’t believe the things he did! His stroytelling is
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This book must actually come with a warning: “May cause major frustration with your current life style and lead to excessive daydreaming causing loss of productivity. In severe cases it may cause abrupt absenteeism from work”. “Not to be used with alcohol as this may enhance the effects of getting the f&#k out of town
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AJ Cilliers

As it stands, I think word will spread about his book, and he will come to touch many, many people’s lives in a very good way.  It is hard to read his book and not be moved to make more of your life.  It is also a reminder that we are ultimately on this Earthly
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Marie, your son’s talent overwhelms me. He has put into words the way I feel about my time in Swaziland – articulated the emotions that flood me. It’s so hard to explain to someone who has not shared these experiences, so to read Hendri’s book touches me in a way nothing else does. I copied
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Rina Minnie

A great book and a legacy of a great man

Hannah Fanney

GREAT BOOK! Loved every page.

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