Chris Korbulic (USA)

Much can and has been said about Hendri, but to me it’s simple. Hendri was a friend I grew to love and learn from immensely, I appreciated his exploration of not just the physical expedition experience and the surreal moments that experience offers, but his love and enjoyment of all the un-extraordinary moments between those epic ones for which we are searching. He loved each moment, and will always push me to do the same…

I don’t know how Hendri kept up with all his contacts, but I don’t know how he did a lot of things. He had a head full of real-world diamonds and a dreamlike vision of reality, and somehow mashed them together to accomplish things I can’t imagine. I lent him my eyes for a time, and he changed how I see. In dreams sometimes I think I can see how, but I’m coming to realize that there’s nothing tangible to grasp, no concrete explanation. I think that’s what Hendri was drawn to, the unknown in the mind and heart, beyond the physical adventure, and that’s what my fickle heart and blurry eyes are starting to find as well. It’s dark sometimes, but there’s always light flooding in from Hendri. It floods my days, floods my nights, and in the light I can sometimes read the fine print…where you invest your love, you invest your life.

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