Iselin Ostvang (Norway)

My first reading of some of Hendri Coetzee’s writing in an email to me:

 Ingredients for the Best Day Ever

Get out of bed with purpose and enthusiasm

Walk- it starts all systems up for new day

Sit next to a body of water and watch sun rise

Return home


Read something inspiring

Anywhere comfortable will do

Small run (shirt off) – feeling sun, wind, rain etc. on body

Shower; don’t dry properly – water dripping off you for as long as possible


Have cereal with fruit (some vanilla yogurt works well)

Overlooking nature in some form of shape

By now the rest of the house should be waking up

Banter with good friends or loved ones


Once these steps have been completed at own leisure

It is time to accept the challenge you had been plotting

With size of challenge, chances of achieving best day ever increase

However, a few small challenges can add up to the same thing


For sunset it’s preferable to be driving a motorcycle through the bush

But being close to water never fails to be adequate

From here on choose your own toppings

According to place, company and social inclinations


Even if all these elements are not available

Making the most of the ingredients at hand and

Satisfaction with your own performance

Will produce a filling and delicious meal